Writing / Translation


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My poems have appeared in the commonplace book, To Die No More, (Blind Pony Books), Prelude Magazine, The Cossack Review, Juked, Tammy, Unearthed, and the Corbel Stone Press Contemporary Poetry Series.  My previous manuscript, The Palliative Suite, was twice a finalist in the National Poetry Series, in 2018 and 2019. Work on my current manuscript, A Perfectly Ruined Solitude, was supported by a 2019 Saltonstall Foundation residency.


My translations have been featured at the 2011 Wave Books Poetry Festival (Rilke), in the journal Reliquae (Hans Jürgen von der Wense, Novalis, Hugo Ball, and Franz Hessel; translated in partnership with Herbert Pföstl), and in two chapbooks (Ten Poems by Thomas Bernhard and The Voices by Rainer Maria Rilke [forthcoming], published by Necessary Errors and Lamp Light Books, respectively).  I am currently at work translating the early poems of Robert Walser, many of which have never before appeared in English.

Autumn 2019 sees the publication of a book-length selection, the first such in English, from the works of Hans Jürgen von der Wense (A Shelter for Bells, Epidote Press), translated with Herbert Pföstl.